A web design studio with a personal touch!

Our mission is to create attractive, optimised and responsive websites and e-commerce stores that aim to grow your business by increasing your online presence.

Hi again, I’m Jenna!

Lightshine Design was born in 2017, when after a broad range of experience as a Senior Designer and Art Director, I felt empowered to venture out on my own!

Since 2017, I have had the privilege of working with a multitude of interesting and diverse businesses, ranging from start-up’s to SME’s to corporates.

I have narrowed down my service offering as to be more intentional, by focusing my full attention on web design and growing my client’s online presence. This is an area of design that I am deeply passionate about and gets me up in the morning (besides my kids that is!).

My website design process has a personal approach that aims to make the project streamlined with achievable milestones and clear direction.

If you need assistance in creating a brand new website or a complete redesign of your existing website, I would be happy to chat!

Fun facts about me!

I have a twisted sense of humour!

I can’t live without exercise!

I’ve sailed the transatlantic crossing while working on a cruise liner

I’m secretly competitive in all games (in it to win it, sorry kids!)

I love brushing my teeth! A lot!

I am a BIG fan of 80’s music!

Family time fills my cup!

I have been to the Monaco Grand Prix!


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