1. Brief

Lets have a chat or send us an email of what you are looking for, what your company and industry is all about, what sets your business apart, who is your ideal customer and who are your competitors. This will provide us with an in-depth idea of the direction to go.

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2. Quote

Once we know your objectives, we will send you a detailed quote.

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3. Proposal

Once you have accepted the quote, we will compose a detailed design scope which includes a timeline and terms and conditions.

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4. Design

Now for the fun part – research, concept development, design and layout. All this is done within the timeline agreed upon.

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5. Presentation

Your design project will be sent to you to review and revert if need be. Two reverts are included with each quote.


6. Delivery

Once you have signed off on the project and made the final payment, all high resolution designs will be sent to you. Then it’s time to watch your business shine!